Womb transplant is a miracle which Medical science has made possible.  Recently, a woman in Brazil has successfully given birth with the help of womb transplant from a deceased donor. It is for the first time that a womb transplant from a deceased has become successful.

womb transplant
Source: independent.co.uk

Womb transplant from a deceased donor

In Sweden and the US, the researchers have already succeeded in transplanting wombs from living donors.
“With a deceased donor, you reduce the risk because you don’t have the risk to the donor – and you reduce the costs, too, because you don’t have the hospitalisation and the very long surgery of the donor,” said Dr Dani Ejzenberg of the University of São Paulo, who led the research.

Ejzenberg also said that it is even difficult to find a living donor while coordinating operations was logistically challenging. Earlier the doctors tried for the womb transplant from a dead donor but did not turn out to be fruitful enough. The baby girl born is now healthy and developing normally.

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How they executed the womb transplant?

They first removed the womb of a 45-year-old woman who had died from a burst blood vessel in the brain. She had previously given birth three times. The recipient of the womb was a 32-year-old woman with the condition that she was born without a womb although she had ovaries. Thus, the eggs could be collected and used in IVF. Further, the team carefully dissected the uterus from the donor. The operation took 10-and-a-half-hour in September 2016 to insert the organ weighing 225g.

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They attached the stump of the donor’s vagina, connecting blood vessels and ligaments to the recipient. To prevent rejection of the womb they gave the recipient immunosuppressants. Moreover, on regular intervals, the team of doctors took biopsies of the cervix to check the sign of rejection.

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The birth of the baby

After the womb transplant, the woman’s period started just over a month. Therefore, after seven months, they transferred an embryo from the IVF treatment into her womb. Further, the pregnancy went on well, and a baby girl was born out of it through the caesarean section at just over 35 weeks.
Immediately, after the birth of the baby, they removed the womb in the same operation. They had to do this because the immunosuppressive drugs are expensive enough for the woman to afford.

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