Just like every year, 2019 came with its set of weird, and bizarre moments from across the country. So, here is a compilation of weird incidents that happened in India this year.

The weirdest moments India had in 2019:

1. Sweet Maggi, Chocolate Cherry Dosa, Gulab Jamun Pizza?

2019 was the year when people came up with weird food combinations. You know you can find foods like gulab jamun pizza, Mithi Maggi, chocolate dosa only in India. Although we can live without these foods.

2. Kochi People Wanted To Cut Down Trees As They Couldn’t Deal With Bird Poop On Their Vehicles

Source: indiatimes

Where there are slogans of ‘save tree save the earth’ to tackle the problem of global warming, however, people in Kochi wanted to cut down trees. Nevertheless, this is not because of the construction of hospital or bridge but because they were annoyed with the birds pooping on their cars.

3. Bullock Cart Owner Fined Rs 1000 Even Though Carts Couldn’t Be Fined Under MV Act

Weirdest incidents
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Remember the time when the government amended the Motor Vehicles Act and People were being challaned vigorously? Drivers were challaned in thousands. Also, one truck driver was challaned Rs 53,000. However, among the bizarre cases, a bullock cart owner, Riaz Hassan, from UP was fined Rs 1000 for parking his bullock cart outside his field. However, bullock carts are not covered under the Motor Vehicles Act. This happens only in India.

4. Two Morons Set Vehicles On Fire Just For Fun

Another weirdest incident that happened in 2019 was when Delhi police arrested a couple of men for burning people’s vehicles for no reason at all.

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5. UP Villagers Mistook Saffron Coloured Toilet For A Temple, Started Praying!

Weirdest incidents
Source: indiatimes

This is indeed another weirdest incident. People from Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh mistook a saffron-coloured building as the temple and were praying it for a couple of years. 

Villagers offered prayers and also performed puja outside the locked building’s door. However, they didn’t know if any idol was there inside or not, they just decided to pray the saffron coloured building. Even though, later, when the doors were opened, they came to know that it is a toilet. 

6. Jharkhand Doctor Prescribed Pregnancy Tests To Men With Stomach Ache

Weirdest incidents
Source: indiatimes

Indian doctors created quite a buzz in 2019. To clarify, in one incident, one doctor prescribed condoms to a woman for stomach ache.

In another incident in a government hospital at some remote part of Jharkhand, a doctor prescribed pregnancy tests to two men who were complaining of stomach ache. 

7. Woman Leaves her Husband as He Didn’t Give Her Eggs To Eat

Weirdest incidents
Source: indiatimes

On our list of weirdest incidents, this appeared to be a bizarre incident. A woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district eloped with her lover just because her husband allegedly denied to give eggs to her. 

8. Naagin Dance Broke Marriages & also Led To The Suspension Of Teacher

The famous Naagin dance without which wedding functions are incomplete, however, has become a reason for marriage break. The incident occurred in the Mailani area, UP. The bride when saw her drunk husband-to-be breaking into snakey dance, she instantly called off the wedding after the vermala.

Another bizarre and weirdest incident happened in Rajasthan. A government school teacher got suspension letter for shaking his body to the tunes of Naagin song.

9. A Kerala Student Beat Up His Physics Teacher

Weirdest incidents
Source: indiatimes

Bobby V Jose – a Physics teacher caught a 12th class boy cheating in an exam. When the teacher questioned that boy, the latter got not only was unapologetic, and he beat his teacher with a wooden stick.

10. Delhi Wedding became A Wrestling Match After Guests Started Fighting with hotel staff Over Food Quality

Source: newsd

Another incident occurred in West Delhi’s Janakpuri. In a wedding function, both hotel staff and guests involved ina fistfight over food quality.

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11. 70-YO Man Put Lizards In His Food To Get Free Meals From Indian Railways

A 70-year-old man, named Surender Pal, used to contaminate his food with dead lizard so he could get free meals from Indian Railways. Nevertheless, this senior citizen had attempted this same stunt on several occasions. However, a senior divisional commercial manager found it weird when he discovered that the complaint was from the same individual. Later the officer alerted the Indian Railways official after seeing the man’s trick to avail free food.

12. Chandigarh Post Office Sent a Parcel Meant For ‘Chaina’ In Punjab To Beijing In China

Source: indiatimes

The incident took place in Chandigarh. A woman sent a parcel containing blood pressure medicines for her mother in a village named Chaina, in Punjab but instead of delivering the package in Punjab, the post office delivered it to Beijing, China. Later, after the sender file a complaint to District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, the post office official said that they mistook Chaina as China and also seek apologies for their mistake.

13. Swiggy’s kind gesture towards its customer

Food delivery portals do their best to keep their customers happy. In one incident, Swiggy tried to deliver a food order from Rajasthan to Chennai.

A customer, Bhargav Rajan tweeted a picture showing that a person ordered food from a restaurant nearby but Swiggy detected it an order requested from an eatery in Rajasthan. 

14. UP Grandpa Teaches Kids’ A For Alcohol, B For Beedi,’ Makes Them Smoke & Drink

The incident took place in UP. A video was showing how an older man was teaching two small kids smoking and drinking. In the vedio we can see that the man was encouraging two of his grandkids to drink and smoke.

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15. Administration caught Professor delivering ‘Love Formulas’ to student, later Suspended

Charan Singh, an assistant professor at a government college for women in Karnal, Haryana, chose to make his mathematics classes creative, and so tried to explain love, friendship, and attraction to first-year B. Com students.

16. After Knowing Each Other For 30 Years, Man 67, Woman 65, Marry In Old Age Home

An old age home in Kerala witnessed a wedding between 67-year-old Kochaniyan Menon and 65-year-old Lakshmi Ammal.

The couple knew each other for more than 3 decades. However, due to some reasons, they got separated. However, as luck would have it, so both found each other in the same old age home. 

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