America achieved its Independence on 4th July 1776. If you are planning a trip to America during this period then Washington D.C. to witness the celebration and grandeur.
The city is named after the 1st president of America George Washington. The Independence Day Parade features marching bands, military and speciality units, floats, and VIPs. 

Everybody in this world is familiar with the name of the city and dreams to visit the city once in a lifetime. Ever since Washington came into existence till now it has not failed to attract tourist every year. Washington is also counted under the list of world’s most visited cities. Many amazing tourist attractions have been built in the city to attract people all over the world.

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The best places to visit in Washington are as follows:

1. The Supreme Court of the United States of America

The Supreme Court of the United States of America is a beautiful magnificent marble building. The structure was built in 1935 in the neoclassical architecture.
In the first place, the visitors can tour the Supreme court building, hear lectures on the history of the court and how it works, sit in on sessions on specified days and times and view various exhibits throughout the year.

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2. Smithsonian’s National Zoo

This national zoo spans over 163 acres of land which is home to more than
400 animal species. Therefore it is also a centre for animal conservation, research, and education. This zoo has been functioning since 125 years which includes Amazonia, Asia Trail (home of the Panda House), Great Cats, Elephant Trails, Primates, American Trail, Reptile Discovery Center, and Small Mammal House.

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3. Georgetown and the Waterfront

The Georgetown waterfront is one of the oldest areas in the Washington region stretching along the banks of the Potomac River. 
The cobblestone streets, cupcake stores, historic bars and stylish boutiques adds to the charm of this wonderful place. You can hop into the tons of great restaurants and enjoy the famous cuisines.

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4.Lincoln memorial

Abraham Lincoln was an American lawyer and the 16th President of USA. An American actor named John Wilkes Booth assassinated him in the year April 15, 1865. The Lincoln Memorial is made in his honour which accomplished in 1922. Therefore, you can see a 19-foot marble statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting on a chair surrounded by 36 columns.

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5.The White House

Ever since America achieved independence this has been the home of every President of America expect George Washington. James Hoban construed it in 1792 but the British forces burned it down in 1814 and was again rebuilt in 1818. It is called White House because it is constructed completely in white. People while passing near the house stop and have a look at the house also click photographs of the white house from outside.

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6.United States Capitol and Capitol Hill

This stands as a symbol of the United States of America. It was constructed sometime in between 1793-1812 and attracts a huge number of visitors daily. On the other side of the building, there is a marble terrace which gives a clear view of the city.

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7. National Art Gallery

This is also a very famous tourist spot of the city which homes to art famous art works from numerous countries, artists, and historical eras. It also gives the visitor a clear view of the capitol from the top roof.


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8.World War II memorial

The world was II fought between 1 Sep 1939 – 2 Sep 1945 led to the sacrifices of a large number of soldiers. This memorial is constructed in memory of the brave soldiers of America who fought during the war. Visitors visit the memorial to pay tribute to the brave hearts of the country who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. The memorial is constructed in bronze sculptures and stone architecture.

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This structure was built in the memory of Martin Luther King. He was known for advancing civil rights, following Mahatma Gandhi’s policy of nonviolence.The quotes of Martin Luther King is engraved in the memorial.


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10.U.S. National Arboretum

The U.S Congress established this Arboretum in 1927 with an aim to increase the aesthetic, environmental and economic importance of landscape and ornamental plants. It houses multiple gardens, a gorgeous bonsai exhibit and also there is a koi pond. A long term botanical research and conservation of resources. Visitors can walk around the gardens to experience the beautiful nature.

Japanese Pavilion photographs by Stephen Voss

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11. Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery founded in 1866 is the final resting place of the nation’s greatest heroes. More than 300,000 veterans of American conflicts from the Revolutionary War to Iraq and Afghanistan are burried. This historic cemetery is now a famous tourist attraction. Even President Kennedy is buried in this cemetry.

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12.National Air and Space Museum

Not only in Washington or in USA but this also stands one of the best museums in the world. The museum has a collection of history-making air and spacecraft. You can also get to know how Wright brothers got the idea of inventing airplane in 1903. Not only that visitors will also find a Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, the first plane to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Children as will as adults after visiting the museum will get to learn many things associated with the air and space.

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13.Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin

This is memorial is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, the third President of USA. There is a 19-foot statue of a standing Jefferson as you enter into the museum. This museum is endowed with cheery trees which Japan had once gifted to America which adds to the beauty of the museum.

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14. Library of Congress

The Library of Congress of the USA remains closed on Sundays.The visitors can spend hours reading multiple books, but beforehand you need to issue a library card. Even though you arent a book worm , you can still wonder at the beautiful architecture and interior of the library hall.


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