Friday, 14 February is the most important day for every love birds, because the day of love valentines day falls on this date. Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate the love and bond between the two individuals. Though we don’t need any particular date to express our love to our beloved it’s a day to make promises to our beloved.

Valentine’s day has got its own significance. Also, valentines day is a day that makes our relationship stronger and effective and everlasting.

A relationship gets better when one has a genuine feeling towards each other. The most everlasting relationship is the one when a couple accepts each other. Successful relationships are made on some promises which even helps prevent the breakup.

The promises to be made on valentines day to your beloved are as follows:

1.Promise to love always

Love is the essence of a relationship. No matter what the world turns out to be, it is the love between the partners that conquers every situation. So the first promise that couples need to make is to love each other in all the ups and downs of life. There might be arguments but that should not affect their love.

2.Promise to always be with one another

The best relation gets stronger with time and a promise to be together forever. No matter what the situation is but to stand by each other fight against the situation. Even in the worst case, they must gain courage and together must battle against the issue.

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3.The promise to be the same forever

Each individual has certain qualities that really defines their personality. It may be the way you care, the way you love and the way you are. But if you chose to change yourself then you are making your partner feel awful. A changed attitude within you makes you a totally different person with a different identity. Henceforth, you must promise to be the same forever. A stable attitude keeps the relationship grounded forever.

Moreover, one should not even try to change each other because if you don’t love the person the way they are then it’s not at all love. In short, the couple should not try to change or expect one another to mould themselves. So promise to be the same forever.

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4. A promise to support each other in success and failure

Most of the time, when couples achieve the success they often start ignoring each other. It is either the partner gets jealous or they cannot devote much time to each other. At the same time when one fails to achieve something, There the partners often distance themselves and look for someone better as they cannot handle the failure. So one must promise to be supportive enough in every high and low.

5.Promise to respect one another’s privacy

When two individuals bind in a relationship it doesn’t mean that they are liable to each other. In fact, they both need to respect each other’s preferences and privacy. Interference in every aspect may sometime be too suffocating. So the couple’s should respect each other’s privacy.

6.Promise to speak the truth

Truth is very necessary to earn trust. The strength of a relationship lies in the trust upon each other. A single lie can destroy the relationship. Trust and truth go hand in hand, hence one must always tell the truth for an everlasting relationship.

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7.Promise for a lifetime partnership

This relationship is ought to be a lifetime partnership. When you promise to become partners you actually share love, happiness, sorrows, success and failures. A shared companionship always halves negativity and doubles positivity. This will form a partnership where each one acts as a and bring them closer as they can face any situation together and will also help them to make their relationship better.