Butter is one of the best ingredients that enhance the taste of our dishes. You can incorporate it in almost everything, baking, frosting, frying or just sweeping it on bread. However, they also vary in flavour and types. Moreover, these diverse types are used for different purpose like unsalted variety is used for baking and the salted one is used for morning toast.

Here we present the variety of butter and its purpose according to their types.

Salted & Sweet Butter


This usually comes with added salt to it which helps in preserving the butter for a couple of days. However, if you prefer salted variety, use it—just remember to adjust the salt in each dish.

Cultured Butter

This variety has a tangy flavour in it as the cream is treated with cultures (like yoghurt), allowed to ferment and then churned. It has a very high butterfat content and also rarely used in cooking.

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European Butter

It is more flavourful that contains less water with 82 per cent of butterfat. The standard butter contains 80% of butterfats.

Source: msn.com

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Room-Temperature Butter

It is still slightly cool; it’s really more about texture than temperature. It should be soft but not squishy. The stick should hold its shape (a little pressure should leave an indentation), and it should be pliable—if you mash it with a spatula, you shouldn’t have to fight it.

Source: Room-Temperature Butter

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Clarified Butter

It is a magical thing which won’t burn over high heat. They are flowy and light in texture.

Source: woodfiregrill.com.au

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