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The Kurti is a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe when summer sets in. Therefore, from the many Kurti styles, it is best to own as many Kurtis as possible. Whether you are planning to attend a formal or casual event. There is a type for every event during the whole summer season. It is a perfect outfit to beat the heat as it has stood the test of time and there many ways to style it. Therefore, upgrade your summer wardrobe with enough Kurtis and they will help you sort all your fashion needs. The flowy fabrics, the vibrant color, and the slits and more show how it ticks all the right boxes. Also, when you cannot decide what to wear Kurtis comes in handy. Here are some types of Kurtis that are best to help you beat the summer heat.

Asymmetric Kurtis 

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This type of Kurti helps you add that splash of color to your wardrobe. It is a style that has been in fashion for a long time and it is a favorite among most women. It comes with various cuts, styled hemlines and in various lengths. It is an absolute delight to wear this type of Kurti. Especially, an asymmetric high low Kurtis that you can adorn to a cocktail party or a Sunday brunch. There other types that you can choose like the tail cut Kurtis, one-side asymmetric Kurti among others. Plus, team them with the right kind of bottoms either that match or of contrasting shades. This look is always attracting a lot of compliments for how elegant it looks.

Anarkali Kurtis 

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The stunning Anarkali never fails to flatter a look and they are perfect for dressier events. They fit both ethnic and modern events. Since they do justice for your ethnic look and are chic and elegant for a contemporary look. The beauty of an Anarkali is that it favors all body shapes. Therefore, just know the event that you are attending and choose an Anarkali Kurti that best favors it. Either it is that unplanned office party to a wedding event they are an ideal summer Kurti that you can wear even to a whole day event. There are various bottoms that you can pair with this Kurti like leggings, palazzos, Patiala’s or churidar to look your absolute best. Accessorize with a beautiful necklace, earrings and a pair of heels and you are good to go.

Print Kurtis

There are two types of Kurtis that you will notice during the summer. The digital print and block print Kurtis. Both of them are popular and they are the best showcased in a Kurti outfit. For instance, the digital Kurti has adopted almost every pattern into digital print. They are a chic type of Kurtis that looks pretty when paired with a pair of leggings. As for the block prints, the subtle hues that are used to make them make it a perfect outfit as an office wear Kurtis or a simple day of running errands. Simple lowers like fitting churidar are a perfect pair for them and you can wear them with jootis to up that traditional look. do not forget your scarf or hoop earring to complete the look. However, with this Kurtis, it is best to avoid print bottoms for they do not match well with a print Kurti.

Straight solid color Kurtis 

As for the straight solid color Kurtis, they are the easiest Kurti to style. However, they require one to have a well-structured body type. This is for women that have a fit body or with an hourglass figure. This Kurtis is a delight to the eyes due to the beautiful colors and how best they show off your curves. However, you can accessorize it in many ways if you want to draw away attention from how it portrays your curves. Also, they are affordable Kurtis to have and they are good aswork wear staplesin calm colors. Match with leggings for an ethnic look or ripped jeans for that modern outgoing look. Have at least two of these Kurti types and raise your style quotient higher.

Fusion short Kurtis 

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The fusion look in India has become popular especially among the millennials. This look is achieved by blending a modern and ethnic trend especially the modern cuts, flare, sleeves, and the latest necklines. This differentiates them from the regular Kurtis. Plus, you do not have to wear the long and flowy once during that summer heat. Hence short Kurtis of the same designs and patterns will work best. Since you do not have to carry the full length a whole day. Pair with palazzos, dhotis, and jeans depending on the occasion at hand. They are ideal for various parties like casual parties, a romantic date and also cocktail parties. Accessorize with ear cuffs and other quirky jewelry and you will look nothing short of awesome.

Embroidered Kurtis

Another Kurti perfect for the summer is embroidered but with minimal embroidery. Since it is a time to go minimal. It does not mean that you should wear a plain Kurti that has no embroidery over it. Choose subtle embroidery that can be added around the neckline or hem of the Kurti. This gives it a perfect look for formal events. Also, it is best since it helps you stand out around your workplace due to the elegant embroidery. It gives the Kurti that sophisticated look and the bright colors of the Kurti help a lot in covering up those unwanted curves. Traditional earrings like jhumkas are best to pair this type of Kurti and simple pants to match.

Given the above Kurti types for that sun-kissed look. Kurti is the most versatile piece that there are many options you can choose from. Also, the idea of wearing a Kurti during the summer is because it is simple and elegant and at the same time you can go minimal with it. Go ahead and experiment with one of the above Kurtis and look all the way stylish.