Friday, July 30, 2021



The Nvidia has has done something splendid with regards to the AI

The Nvidia has this year a great one for it, all Eyes are may be towards it. Apart from its demands in all across...

Artificial Intelligence to be included in space communication networks

There is no doubt the collection of cosmic data is increasing. That is why to meet demand and increase efficiency NASA is thinking of...

Alan Turing! The real father of computer and Artificial Intelligence

Alan Turing was an English mathematician, logician, and cryptographer. He was the one who broke the Nazi Enigma code during World War II. His...

AR vs VR- In the world of simulation

Over the years two jargons have become extremely popular AR or Augmented Reality and VR or Virtual Reality. While many might be familiar with these two...
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First robot citizen of the world- Sophia

Sophia is the first ever Robot Citizen of the world and Saudi Arabia is the first country to do so. Sophia is a humanoid...
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Sophia! A Robot that has been Granted Citizenship of Saudi Arabia

Highlights A humanoid robot named Sophia is developed by Hanson Robotics. She is the first robot to be granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia Saudi...

Google Home Mini, specification, and everything you should know

Google Home Mini is the smaller, cheaper, and more intelligent version of the company's all the housing devices. It joins in the league of...

Baidu:Self-driving buses will hit the streets by 2018

Baidu Chief Robin Li said on Tuesday that the Chinese internet giant has a plan to launch self-driving bus on the road in China...