The new year 2019 brings in more surprises in the Tech World. The transition to this year will introduce the technology consumers to faster networks, bendable phones, more choices for cord-cutters.
Here we have a list of upcoming technological advancements.

5G is coming

The 5G capable smartphones are coming your way by this spring. Samsung showcased its 5G smartphone prototype in recent Qualcomm tech summit in Maui. This 5G combines fast speeds with low “latency” or network responsiveness. This technology will have a long time impact on everything from self-driving cars to remote surgery.

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Flexible screen phones

The Samsung foldable display in a traditional phone mode is indeed a great advent in 2019 in the world of gadgets. Among the commercial phones the flexible displays from Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola.

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A new Google operating system?

Google Fushia, a new operating system will soon emerge. It is an experimental “open source” operating system that Google is working on for a couple of years. Fushia will fuse different Google’s disparate Android and Chrome operating systems. Eventually, it will replace other core software inside phones, tablets, computers and connected smart home appliances.

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8K televisions: a mammoth TV

LG TVs at IFA in Berlin included a curved 4K OLED TV, a bendable 4K OLED, and an 8K TV.
LG TVs at IFA in Berlin included a curved 4K OLED TV, a bendable 4K OLED, and an 8K TV. (Photo: LG)
Televisions are a common space for the family where all gather to watch their favourite shows. Well, 2019 adds in a surprise for you with the stunning big-screen 8K TV technology with four times the number of pixels as compared to 4K TV. Thus, LG and Samsung showed off these huge 8K TV at the IFA conference.

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An AI-driven rise in “mental obesity”

Artificial Intelligence has been influencing everywhere, and consumers are relying on it. Thus, the chatty AI-driven digital assistants have now made us mentally lazy.
In an online global survey by Ericsson found that this AI is influencing our thinking ability as we always rely on it. 57% of people say a smartphone knows when they’re getting ill beforehand. On the other hand, 43% would however like a virtual assistant to decide when they should visit a doctor, dentist or hairdresser. Thus, with the overuse of AI people will soon lose their cognitive power. Henceforth, mind gym is a new concent now which would help you to maintain your mental stability.

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