Christmas arrives once in a year on 25th December every year. It is a very big festival for Christians. As it is the birth anniversary of their Lord Jesus Christ. The day is celebrated very widely by them. All the churches all over the world are decorated beautifully. New Zealand is a very beautiful country situated in North America. The country homes to an uncountable number of churches. If a person celebrates Christmas in New Zealand then his or her stay in the country and celebrating the festival will be a memorable day for the person.

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The best churches situated in New Zealand that must be visited during Christmas are as follows:

1.Burnside church

This famous and the beautiful church of New Zealand was constructed in 1875. Though the church got constructed in the year more than 1200 years back it still looks as beautiful as it used to be more than 100 years back. the construction of the church matches with the estate churches in England.

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2.Cathedral of St. Patrick and St. Joseph

Cathedral of St. Patrick and St. Joseph came into existence in the early 1840s. On Sunday and on other days as well it is gathered by a huge crowd. The awesome thing about the church we should know is that it can accommodate 700 people at a time.

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3.Church of the good shepherd

Other activities can also be enjoyed after visiting this church. When one visits the place then he or she will remain stunt witnessing the view of the mountain and the lake Tekapo which represents the beauty of mother nature.

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 4.Old St. Paul’s

Situated in Wellington(New Zealand’s capital) constructed in 1860. The construction of the religious place reveals the gothic architecture style. Not just for prayer the church is also best known for performing various functions such as weddings, ceremonies and the like. Even when the best tourist attractions of the city are counted then the name of this attraction is also taken.

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