Shivratri is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus Shivratri literally means “The Great Night of Lord Shiva”. In Hinduism, Bhagwan shiv is the supreme God and regarded as “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev” (Lord of all the Lords). So across India, on every Shiv temples, the festival is celebrated with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. The temples are beautifully decorated.

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Hinduism has crossed boundaries and even continents as there are people residing and celebrating the festivals. Thus during Shivratri, devotees in foreign lands perform puja and offer milk and water to the shiva linga in temples.

So this Shivratri let’s know the best shiv temples situated outside India.

1. Prambanan Temple 

Situated in Java, Indonesia. The temple came into existence in the 9th century. Rakai Pikatan who belonged to the Mataram Kingdom built the temple. The name of the temple is Prambanan and the name has been derived from the word ‘Para Brahman’. The name in Javanese stands for the ‘supreme brahmin’. As a matter of fact, the temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia along with being one of the largest Hindu temples in SE Asia. Not just to Lord shiva the temple is also dedicated to Brahma and Vishnu also. With Lord Shiva, we will also be able to go to other temples as the temples a 47metre high building in the center of a large complex and houses many individual temples.

2.Zurich Shiva Temple

Situated in Zurich, Switzerland. The Shiv temple is present on a building of Zurich. The committee of the temple maintains it quite and well and keeps it very clean. When we visit the temple we will also witness Statues of two Nandhis standing being the state of Lord shiva.

3.Auckland Shiva Temple

Present in Auckland, New Zealand. This not just a Hindu temple in New Zealand but also reveals the glorification and the symbol of Hindu culture in New Zealand. The land where the temple lies was owned by Santan Dharma Trust. The temple was built in 1998 but was opened 6 years later in 2004. Shivratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm. If an Indian visits the temple during Shivratri then he or she will get the same feeling of home.

4. Munneswaram Temple

Situated in Sri Lanka. The Shiva temple dates back to the era of Ramayana. People also believe that after achieving victory in the battle against Ravana Lord Rama worshipped Bhagwan shiv here. Not just Shiva temples the complex homes to 5 other temples and the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the biggest one. Portuguese destroyed the temple twice in the past before it was finally handed over to the Jesuits who rebuilt it. Each and every day many people all over the world visit the temple as it puts a light on the era of Ramayana.

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5. Livermore Shiva Temple

Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the USA and it is one of the biggest Hindu temples in the Bay Area. The construction or the architecture of the temple will give its visitor a feeling of North and South India especially in Shivratri. Not just Lord Shiva the temple also consists idols of other Hindu gods and goddess Ganesha, Durga, Aiyappa, Lakshmi etc. and amongst them, many of them have been donated by Tamil Nadu Government in the year 1985. The temple will offer its visitors a cool and calm environment. Shivratri is celebrated diligently in the temple with great devotion.

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6. Lewisham Sivan Temple

Located in London, England this Shiva temple has many devotees as Hindus reside in England and amongst the many are in London and this temple has been made by the foundations of Sivan Kovil trust through donations made by the Hindu NRIs in London. The temple has been constructed keeping in mind the ancient Saiva scriptures.

7.Madhya Kailash Temple

Situated in Midrand, South Africa. Hinduism has surpassed continents and you would definitely pay your tribute to Shiva linga even if you are in South Africa.

8.The Sagar shiv temple

Mauritius does not only serve you stunning beaches but it also has Lord shiva temple on an island. Not just Hindus but almost every tourist visit the temple as it is located on an island. Though in foreign but still the temple is very religious. During Shivratri offer prayers and their tribute to Bhagwaan shiv.