While Sri Lankan camp has clearly kept their point saying its players are suffering in Delhi pollution. However, the Indian camp showed a completely opposite attitude towards the pollution issue and said that visitors “unnecessarily” stopped the game on Day 2 and “overstated” a bit.

Suranga Lakmal vomited on the field and had to leave the field while other Sri Lankan players wore pollution masks on Tuesday.

Indian camp was not concerned about the pollution

But India’s strong attitude towards the pollution drama got affected when Indian pacer Mohammad Shami had to leave the field.

A doctor checked the Sri Lankan players

A doctor visited the Sri Lankan dressing room on Tuesday morning and conducted some tests on the players with a pulse oximeter to check lung function and pulse.

Dr. AP Bhalla, who took Match Referee David Boon’s permission, later told the reporters that the players he tested seemed all right.

Sri Lankan coach did not agree with the doctor

Sri Lanka coach Nic Pothas was bewildered by Dr. Bhalla’s comment that his players could be making a big deal out of it. “Some tests were done; I’ve no idea what they tell you, what they don’t. We saw, at the end of today Mohammed Shami was also struggling… A situation is a situation, so let’s get on with it.

“I’m not a doctor, so I have no idea what these tests tell you, what we are testing, why are we testing. It doesn’t make anything go away. The guys had great attitude through the day.”

Shikhar Dhawan’s comment

When Shikhar Dhawan was asked repeatedly if he too shares similar views. Dhawan answered, “See, it could be that they (Sri Lanka players) aren’t accustomed to such kind of conditions. There are players even in our side who could struggle.”

“But it’s our job and we have to complete it.” Dhawan added.