Today Pakistan has claimed that Pakistani Air Force has shot down two Indian aircraft inside Pakistani airspace. According to the report one of the aircraft fell inside A J & K and the other fell inside IOK. They have also claimed that they arrested one Indian pilot. Major General Asif Ghafoor has tweeted this in his twitter handle.

Pakistani media has shared images on social media to prove their claim to be true. Not just Pakistani media, even verified Pakistani twitter handles are peddling such lies.

However, it is being proved that all the images, that Pakistanis have shared, are all fake. It is only to fool their people. It seems they peddled all kinds of lies to hide the air force misadventure that they undertook today.

Source: Twitter

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The media in Pakistan shared this picture saying that it is the wreckage of a downed Indian Air Force jet. The picture, however, is of a 2018 IAF hawk trainer that crashed in Odisha.

The other “proof” the media in Pakistan is peddling is of a 2016 video of a MiG fighter that crashed in Rajasthan.

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No country in favour of Pakistan- Husain Haqqani

Husain Haqqani, the former Pakistani Ambassador to the US, told PTI, “It is telling that no country has spoken out in Pakistan’s favour after the Indian air strike”.

“Even China called for restraint on both sides instead of supporting Pakistan in protesting India’s violation of Pakistan’s air space,” Mr Haqqani said in response to a question.

Moeed Yusuf, another Pakistani scholar, agreed that the global opinion was with India.

He told PTI, “Given that global opinion is with India, whether a skirmish occurs in Pakistani or Indian airspace doesn’t matter as much. So Pakistan will do its best to absorb this strike and not escalate”.

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