Pakistan General Election 2018 took place on July 24. The election which was supposed to hold the new beginning of a “Naya” Pakistan which meant Pakistan would get a new direction in its policy and politics. However, this momentous day has turned into a tragic comedy.


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The day started with lots of hope and optimism. Under the shadow of Nawaz Sharif‘s incarceration, Pakistan General Elections 2018 took place which threatened the legitimacy of the election beforehand. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) alleged that the military was rigging the ballot in favor of the party led by the cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and thus they would reject the result. Major political parties including  PPP, ANP, MQM, PSP, Tehrik e Labbaik, Many independents, Jibran Nasir have also echoed the same sentiments as the incumbent party of PML-N.







Millions of voters cast their votes in the 11th General elections. Women in Punjab Village also cast their votes for the first time since independence. 105.96 million people that include 47 million female voters cast their votes with over 12,000 candidates contesting for 272 national and 570 provincial assembly seats.



Under extreme violence and chaos, the country went into polls. A violence took place in Baluchistan between two political parties PTI and PML-N. A suicide bomb was targetted to Police’s van that killed at least 25 people and injured 40.



How Pakistan General election result affect India

India will keep a close eye on the neighbor’s election result following India-Pakistan relations for the past few years. The outcome of the election may bring about a drastic change in India-Pakistan relations. Imran Khan who started his electoral politics being the liberal face of Pakistan and has now changed his politics and become pro-Islamic hardliner. He has earned the moniker ‘Taliban Khan’ for this stance.


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In the current election, many extremists and fringe Islamists candidates have been fielded by his party. ISI and the Pakistani Military establishment is thought to have backed Mr. Imran Khan this time around. Pakistan faces the dubious record of never having an elected Government complete its term. Thus, though Imran Khan is promising Naya Pakistan and has a politically motivated young new generation of Pakistan yet it is proving to be a mirage. He has raised hopes of this generation but handed them over to the Pakistani military establishments.


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This result creates a new problem for India as this election has brought many fringe and pro-Islamic candidates to the fore. This can effectively mainstream extremism in society thereby creating a huge security headache for India. It can also see as a part of the growth in Kashmir militancy problems. ISI also can also restart the Punjab insurgency. Punjab is particularly susceptible to this terrorist threat. Punjabis form the backbone of Indian Army. There can also be an increase in drug trafficking in India as ISI funds their terrorism activities via the drug trade. Also, there can also be an increase in fake currency records in India. ISI is thought to be working India’s caste fault lines.




Election – Live Result – PTI leads


The election commission has so far declared 27 percent of the total votes cast. According to the official website, the following are the results so far.

  • PTI leads on 109 seats
  • PML-N ahead on 67 seats
  • PPP takes lead on 41 seats


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