Navratri is one of the greatest festivals celebrated in India. It is one of the greatest festivals for every Hindu people. Every Hindus eagerly wait for this festival. And when it comes, they celebrate it with their friends and families with great enthusiasm. Navratri means worshipping goddess Durga which marks her victory over demon Mahishasura. When Navratri comes then it drives away all depression and tensions from one’s life, unites every person with his or her family and fills one life with lots and lots of happiness. Navaratri means the victory of good over evil.  During Navratri season the devotees worship the 9 avatars of Maa Durga. Though the whole of India celebrates Navaratri but there 5 some places to travel where its celebration is memorable.

The best six places in India which celebrate Navratri with great enthusiasm are as follows:


When it comes to Navratri celebration in India then the first place that comes into one’s mind is Kolkata. If a person visits Kolkata during the festival then he or she will never forget his or her moments spend there. Starting from the first day of the Pooja till the last day every person will remember it. The public of the city gathers in a large crowd to bow down their head and worship Maa Durga.

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2. Delhi

Delhi ranks the second position in India in celebration of Navaratri after Kolkata. During the season idol, they burn the effigy of Ravana to signify the victory of truth over evil. Temples of Lord Ram across Delhi are decorated with flowers and lit up. Not only that Ramleela is played on many pandals.

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3. Gujrat

Gujrat is famous for celebrating Dandia during Navaratri which is called Garba. Gujratis dress in there traditional dress and enjoy the festival with great enthusiasm. If you too wish to groove on the tunes of Garba, travel to Gujarat to experience during Navratri.


The city was built by Mahrana Pratap after Akbar conquered Chittorgarh. It is also called the city of the lakes. When one travels to the city they can witness uncountable historical attractions. But along with that, the city is also not behind in celebration of Navaratri. During Navaratri, you can also experience the royal celebration in the Rajputana style.

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5. Guwahati.

North East India is also not behind in celebration of the festival. India’s famous Kamkhya mandir is in Guwahati. There are more than 200 poojas performed in the city. They decorate the pandals in a very unique way and the lightings will also make one say unbelievable.

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Punjabis pray to Goddess Durga in a different way. To honour Maa Durga the Punjabi people fast for 7 days. During the season of Navratri, they organize jagrans. They dance and sing religious songs all night long. In addition, on the Ashtami day, they break their fast and invite 9 girls and gifts food and money.

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