Just like every year 2019 was also full of ups and downs. For some this year became the best year of their life whereas for some it became the worst year of their life. Now the years almost to an end. We are ready to welcome the next year but unfortunately, the natural disasters that took place in 2019 left people homeless, lost their loved ones which ruined their lives.

The natural disasters of 2019 are as follows:

1.Tropical typhoon in China

China in the month of August in the very same year witnessed a Typhoon Lekima that costed the lives of 72 people. Floods and damages of roads and bridges were also witnessed by the country. Many people also went missing after that.

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2.Tropical Hagibis in Japan

Japan also witnessed major destruction in this year. Typhoon Hagibis took at least more than 80 people’s lives. After those people were placed under an evacuation order while millions more were strongly advised to evacuate. Keeping in mind the security and safety of people. Keeping in mind the parade celebrating the ascension of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito was postponed until November.

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3.Havoc of heat in India

In India in the month of June in Rajasthan, more than 90 people died facing the havoc of heart that crossed the temperature more ten 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

2019, natural disasters
source : Stars Insider

4.Heatwave in Japan

Not just India the terrific heat of summer was also chaos in Japan. During the season it took lives of more than 162 people and more than 100 were admitted in hospitals. The temperature rose above 105 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius) in the city of Kumagaya in Saitama, outside the capital city Tokyo.

5.Cyclone in Africa

One of the worst natural disasters in the history of 2019. The most terrific and the worst cyclone ever that people of Africa have experienced. The cyclone when occurred killed 602 people in Mozambique and 299 in Zimbabwe. Not just that the terrific natural disaster also ended in ending almost 90% of Mozambique’s second-largest portBeira.