There is a saying, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. This adage is indeed true. Apart from psychological and biological differences between men and women, there are numerous ways in which both sexes differ.

So, let’s look at these hilarious images and you will get the sense of what I am saying.

Funny Differences Between Men and Women

1. Colours

The first point which validates our discussion that men and women are different is how they see colours. Women are better at differentiating colours. Whereas, men can only see the general colours without really seeing any difference.

2. Looking in The Mirror

Men and women

When gazing in the mirror, a woman always sees the adverse side of her body although she looks quite perfect.  However, on the other hand, a man only sees the positive side of his body.

3. Packing

When it comes to packing, women always begin it a month earlier. On the contrary, men always do it the last minute.

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4. Social Networks

It is given that women are more popular on social media than men. For instance, if a man goes offline for a week, he wouldn’t have more than two or three notifications. However, when a woman is offline for the same number of days, her inbox will be full of messages and will have more than a hundred friend requests.

5. Dress

Unlike men, women are always confused about what to wear. Even though her wardrobe is full of fashionable stuff, she still can’t get enough of what to wear for a meeting or a party. Nonetheless, a man is absolutely okay with a pair of shoes and clothes for the whole week.

6. Going Out

When going out, probably for a dinner date or movie, the woman will always inform on what time to leave. Also, she will start preparing to get ready 2-3 hours before the departure time. However, when the time will arrive, she still is not ready. On the contrary, man takes just ten minutes to get ready.

7. Going to the Loo

Though women can wait on the queue outside the toilet door for the next person to finish first before they get in, men are less patient and so look for alternatives to satisfy their nature’s calls.

8. Getting Ready for Work

Men and women

Another point is how both the two genders get ready for the work. Unlike women, men get ready within a few minutes. Women, on the other hand, need quite a few hours to get ready.

9. Shopping

Women are so particular about shopping that even when they shop for shampoo, they would buy that quality product that is effective on her hair. However, men would be content enough knowing that it is a shampoo.

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10. Breakups

When it comes to break-ups, men are not affected during the initial days as women are. However, as the day’s passes, men feel the loss profoundly while women come out of the breakup feeling stronger from inside.

11. Going to Hairdresser

Women expense a lot of money on hairdressing, but there is no notable difference in the looks. On the other hand, men spend ten times less than women and still have an evident difference in their looks.

12. Looking at a Woman


Another apparent difference between men and women is how they perceive a woman. Unlike men who perceive women without clothes, women tend to admire the looks and her dressing sense.

13. Sharing a Bed


Women occupy three-quarters of the bed space while men take the remaining space on the bed. Moreover, a woman will sleep partly on the man’s pillow yet she has her own. Is this unfair for men?

14. Desk-top


A man’s office table may be unorganized with papers, books and other unnecessary stuff all over the table, but when it comes to the computer, he always keeps his desktop clean. On the other hand, a woman who is good at organizing her office table is not that well with the desktop.

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