Lord Hanuman is one of the revered figure in Hinduism. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama.

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman is the king of the entire vanar sena. He is known as the Lord of Celibacy .There are also various shrines of the deity situated abroad.

Hanuman jayanti is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Hanuman. This festival is a very important festival for Hindus.

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So here we present the list of Hanuman temples abroad.

1. Trindad

Trindad is an island located off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The island is very famous holiday destination famous for beaches and parties. But if any person visits this then he or she will also witness a huge idol of Lord Hanuman that is 85 meter tall . The pink and orange painted statue with golden hued accessories makes it look vibrant and unique. Its construction signifies the Dravidian style of architecture.

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2.Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple

This temple is situated in Frisco and is also counted one of the best Human temples situated outside India. To construct it $7.5 million has been spent and every visitors of Frisco no matter he or she is Hindu or not but he or she never return without visiting this temple.

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3. Shree Veera Hanuman Temple, Malaysia

This temple is located in Malaysia and is construction revels the Malaysian architectural style. Devotees will get to see tow idols of Lord Hanuman. One idol, done in white marble, sees the Lord seated in a yogi posture while the other one, painted in green, sees the Lord blessing all his disciples.

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4.Shri Hanuman Temple, Canada

It is situated in Canada is constructed with white marble, and is located in pristine Brampton. There are a series of idols of hanuman but the main idol is present in the middle of the idols.

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5. Sri Hanuman Mandir, Georgia

This temple of Lord Hanuman lies in Georgia. This temple gives a clear idea about Hinduism its teaches, values and will also make on familiar with the philosophy of Hinduism.

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6.Lord Hanuman Dhoka Temple,Kathmandu

There is a hanuman temple at Kathmandu’s royal place. The gateway consist a huge statue of Lord Hanuman.

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7. Shri Hanuman mandir, New York

The unique thing about the temple is that it has five facet idol of Lord Hanuman, at the centre the faces of Lord Adivaraha, Lord Narasimha, Lord Garuda and Lord Hayagriva. The idol also has 10 hands and 10 hands are holding 10 different weapons.

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