The smearing of colors on people’s faces in holi makes the festival more colorful. We enjoy a lot playing with our friends or families. However, it is also necessary that we should take care of our as well other’s skin.

Also, we should take care of other’s skin too while playing holi without hampering the skin.

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As you are well aware of the skin, any kind of mistake while playing holi will destroy the beauty for which we have to regret later.

The best ways of taking care of our skin during holi are as follows:

1.Ice cubes

After clearing the colour of holi from your skin we must apply ice cubes on our skin for at least 10 minutes this will help to close the open pores, also acne will be pevented by this method.

2.Cover your hair

The color of holi contains many harmful chemicals that can destroy the hair which leads to hair fall quickly. So before going out to play if we cover our hair then it will protect our hair from the harmful chemicals that color contains.

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3.Say no to wet clothes

During Holi, people have fun throwing colors and water at each other. So while getting drench while playing we must not stay in wet clothes for a long time because it can lead to severe skin rashes problems. In addition, later the colors will also not be difficult to remove from the clothes as well as from our skin.

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We all know that water is beneficial for our skin health. Even during holi drinking, enough water keeps us hydrated. It also maintains the energy level.