Worried of Constipation? Chill,It’s Curable if You Take Precautions!


                                       Say no to constipation

For a healthy physical health, the first and foremost step is to take care of it.It can be done by preventing the health from all kinds of diseases and problems.When one has suffered any kind of disease then it creates many problems in the perosn’s life.So for taking the care, the of the health of health one must be very careful regarding every disease.

Constipation is one of them.When one suffers then it then the person has to through many problems as long as it will last.One must be very careful regarding constipation and must follow every step that will help him or her to prevent this disease.There are some ways also following which one can help himself or herself to prevent it.


The best ways to prevent constipation are as follows:

1.Eat healthy food

Not only for preventing constipation but for preventing all types of diseases and to live with a healthy body the first and foremost thing is a properly balanced diet.a balanced diet means eating all healthy items in its right amount.So for preventing constipation the first thing that a person must do is include balanced it in their habit.A person must eat that food item in large number that will help him or her to prevent constipation.

2.Must eat fiver in large amount

It is said that to prevent this disease one must develop the habit of eating fibre in a large amount daily at least 25-50 grams per day.Fiber increases the bulk and consistency of bowel movement and thus them easier to pass.

3.Drink enough water

Along with constipation for prevention of all diseases, another thing which is very necessary is drinking lots and lots of water.Drinking water keeps the body hydrated and also keeps it well.It helps to flush out all the toxic products from the body and thus prevents it from multiple diseases including constipation.

4.No stress

The brain and the bowel are highly connected and thus taking too much of stress during the problem can be chaotic.So in such circumstances, one must try to avoid stress as much as possible.

5.Regular exercise

Regular exercising will help one to improve the digestive system and will also help to stimulate the intestinal muscles to work more efficiently.

6.Get engaged in other activities

When one is ill, then the person should try to avoid thinking about it.The more we will think, the more it will give us pain.so when a person is ill then he or she should get engaged in other activities that will help him to avoid thinking about the illness and will also help one to recover from it.

7.Take medicines as per doctor’s advice

One should avoid being a doctor himself or herself.When one is not well and needs medicines to recover from it then instead of taking medicines himself he or she must go to a doctor and take medicines as per the doctor’s advice.



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