We have seen people destroying the mother earth for their benefits and interests which heightens the consciousness of environmental issues that are destructive across the world. But what progress are we taking to save mother earth? We so easily hide behind computer screens but demand change to be made in the environmental realm. However, a noble person named Hansjorg Wyss has pledged to keep 30 per cent of the planet’s landmass in a natural state by 2030.

Hansjorg Wyss’ effort to conserve the environment

Source: wyssfoundation

Hansjorg Wyss is an 83 years old billionaire from Switzerland who is an avid lover of nature. From the past few decades, he is trying to save the environment from decaying. Through his project, Wyss Campaign for Nature, he aims to conserve 30 per cent of the planet’s lands and oceans by 2030. The media-shy Swiss businessman has donated $1 billion to the Wyss Campaign for Nature for this purpose.

His efforts will benefit current and future generations to drink clean water and breathe fresh and clean air. Moreover, his Campaign will also provide financial support to organisations that are working with communities to save the environment.

Source: mnn

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Til now the campaign has helped many organisations

The campaign has helped many organisations like – The Nature Conservancy, Aves Argentinas, the Gonarezhou Conservation Trust, and Fundación Flora y Fauna Argentina. All these Organisations constantly try their best to preserve and save the universe.

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National Geographic Society

The Hansjorg Wyss Foundation is also aiming to inspire action and has partnered with the National Geographic Society. Together they will raise public awareness about the global conservation crisis.

The National Geographic Society will document why people should conserve mother nature. And it will also address the worst impacts of climatic change on people’s livelihood unless some urgent action is taken.

hansjorg wyss
Source: Mnn/ Hansjorg Wyss

Hansjorg Wyss, who launched the Wyss Foundation in 1998, said:

“From the forests that supply our drinking water to the rugged backcountry that inspires the imagination of our children, everyone on Earth has a stake in conserving our planet’s wild places before they are gone. I believe that to confront the global conservation crisis; we need to do far more to support locally-led initiatives that conserve lands in the public trust so that everyone has a chance to experience and explore the wonders of the outdoors.”

Hats off Sir. You are really doing a brilliant job.

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