A person is known by his or her habits and earns his respects as per that. Good habits make goodwill in society. For every child, the best teacher is his or her parents. A child will grow up as per the upbringing and will learn and follow the teachings that will be taught to him or her by his or her parents. A child’s life and what kind of a person will he or she be after he or she grows up completely depends on his or her parent’s values. Parents must always provide their children with the best education and must always be the point of reference for their children.

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Parents are the child’s one and only friend, philosopher and guide. So every parent during childhood only must instil some good habits on their child so that when they grow up he or she can live with a good reputation and other people in the society will also respect him or her. And if he or she has any kind of bad habits then he or she will be having a bad reputation in society. So every parent must take care that their children are having these important habits on them which are very important in life.

The good habits that parents must teach every child are:


The  first lesson that parents must give to their child is, to be honest.’’HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”. When a person is honest he is far from all evil and thus is loved by everyone in the society.


Parents must see that their children should not immediately react to things they don’t like. If someone says anything and the child has not liked it and then the child became aggressive that means he or she is intolerance. Parents must check it out and should try to make their children tolerate. Everybody has different likings and dislikings. So since childhood, if we don’t have the tolerance power on us then after growing up we will not be able to adjust with and maintain a good relationship with others. It is not that we should always keep agreeing on what others say but should patiently listen to him or her and debate if it doesn’t match with us.

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From childhood only we should learn from our parents how to be clear things and maintain cleanliness. If we learn these habits then it helps us to take care of our things and keep our house clean. If a child learns to keep his/her house clean then only we shall be able to keep our society clean. Maintaining cleanliness helps one to develop a good habit.

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4.Make more friends

It is very necessary that every individual must have friends of their own age. This way he or she will get to interact with various other people and must take their good habits and implement it on them.

5.Sharing with others

It is said that sharing is loving. Parents must teach their children to always share their belongings with others. It not only increases the love for others but also makes one a good person. Every child should have the habit of sharing things with others instead of being selfish.


For developing a good habit one must develop a habit of meditation. Meditation clears the mind drives away all the frustration and anger from the mind. If we teach our children to meditate daily at least 1 hour then this habit will help them to develop good habits as well as develops a good judgmental power.

7.Eating together

THE FAMILY THAT EATS TOGETHER LIVES TOGETHER.There should be a basic rule in every house that when we will eat then we must eat together. Not just it is healthy but also maintains unity amongst the family. But nowadays in very few families, the habit is prevailing as every member of the family eats separately on their own rooms. Some eat alone while watching T.V. some while doing their own work on laptop or computer. So, parents must develop the habit on their children of eating together when at home.

8.Proper utilization of money

Since childhood, if parents teach their children to spend money wisely then in future when they will grow up then they will learn how to spend their hard and soul money wisely. Our children are innocent have no maturity doesn’t understand what is wrong and what is right so when our children get money from some relative or from us then we must advise them to deposit it in a piggy bank so that they will learn the value of saving. We must not let them spend the money on stupid things and wasting it unnecessarily.

9. Say Thankyou/sorry

We should teach our children that if somebody has done some good/help to us or has gifted something then we should appreciate it and should also thank the person in return. Also on the other hand if our child has done anything wrong or by mistakenly has harmed any person then we should also teach them to say sorry and must give them an appropriate lesson that he or she won’t commit the mistake in future.

10.Don’t Litter in public

Littering in public is one of the worst habits a person has. Many men when they walk out or while walking across the road they litter on the road. Children learn things looking at elders. If a child thinks that it is okay to litter in public then we should immediately deprive them to the habit and explain to them why it is the worst habit. 

11.Don’t let your child get addicted too much to TV/social media

TV and mobile are the two worst sources of addiction nowadays. Television is required for entertainment and to refresh the mind. But parents must make sure it doesn’t become an obsession/addiction for the child. Nowadays almost 90% of kids are very badly addicted to mobile and the internet and if they don’t they get they behave in a stubborn way. Parents must anyhow get their children rid of this habit. As not only it is harmful to their health but also not good for their future as well as it will divert their attention from studies and other important things. If required parents must scold or confront them and keep them far from such additions as much as possible.

12.Should against be discrimination/racism

Parents must make sure that their children are always against all kinds of discrimination/racism. We must teach our children that colour complexion, looks, etc are all God gifted. A person should never be judged based on all these. A child is innocent doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. So if a child is having the habit of bullying or mocking others then parents must try to put a stop to it at once and must also teach them how rude and insulting this habit is.

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13.Treating animals and birds as equal to humans

Animals and birds are also living beings. They are also the creation of God. No human has the right to abuse them or to torcher them. If we can’t love animals then we can’t love human beings. They are defenceless so we don’t get the right to do atrocities on them. Children must be taught by their parents to be kind and friendly towards birds or animals and never to hit or harm them. From here only our children will get the lesson of humanity.

14.Accept Defeat

Failures and Success are part of life. It is not that we will always succeed at what we do. Parents must always teach their children to face it. Many children can’t accept defeat and commits something wrong or easily give up. So if a child has failed in any of his or her tasks and has suffered depression because of this then he or she should be encouraged by his or her parents to overcome him/her and must also encourage to never give up. His or her parents should encourage him/her to overcome him/her by saying that life has not ended here just because he/she had failed here. Should also advise him or her to put more effort to succeed on the task for the next time.

15.Always be punctual

Punctuality is the major way to be a person successful in life. If a person doesn’t be punctual then he or she can never achieve anything. Since childhood, we must teach our children the value of time. Where they have to reach or what they have to do they do must it in time or before that. This way they will not understand the value of time but will also be trusted by others. Children must always be taught the prover ” TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE”. So to be a successful person we must respect the value of time and also must keep the fact in mind that who doesn’t care about time, time doesn’t care about him/her and when it returns to the person then it returns as worst time. 

16.Reading books

The more we read books the more we will earn knowledge and the more our mind will be educative. Parents must develop this habit on their children. They must make sure their students are interested in books. It also has other benefits such as it will make our vocabulary proper and will educate us regarding many things. If we read history books then we will also know the life history of many great personalities such as Prithviraj Chauhan, Maharana Pratap, Rabindranath Tagore, Subash Chandra Bose and many others. This will not only educate us but will also motivate us to move on in life and face all kinds of hard circumstances.

17.Proper study routine

When we study then we must follow a proper study routine and do it or else it won’t be a proper study. Children must first make familiar with the proper study routine and then should be asked to study. If they follow the proper study routine then not only they will develop interested in studies but will also remember the chapters they will learn and this must be continued life long.