Geisha is one of Japan’s oldest profession which has been a symbol of Japan for a long time. They are highly trained in Japanese traditional arts, including music, singing, and dancing. A geisha features pretty women dressed in Kimono, white painted face and embellished Japanese hairpins that accentuate the beauty and poise of Japanese women.


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What does a Geisha do?

Geisha are female entertainers who perform traditional songs, dances or play on instruments like the samisen. The first geisha emerged in the Edo period (1603–1868). When you visit Japan you will find them in banquets, teahouse and mainly in the corporate hospitality and tourism industries in Kyoto and Tokyo. Therefore, they attend guests and performs traditional dance, music with the shamisen and also initiate games.

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Prolonged training

To become a perfect Geisha it requires around five or six years of training. Therefore, girls from 15 years can start their lessons in this process where they study the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, traditional dance, the samisen, etiquette, and more as preparation for becoming Geisha.


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During the 18th century, the geisha started to appear in the pleasure quarters of Japan. As a matter of fact, the first geisha were actually men and later the women began to follow this tradition.

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