To reap the optimum benefit of honey we include it as a key ingredient. Generally, we are well aware of the fact that procuring honey from the beehives is the most challenging task. However, there is an exquisite variety of honey in the world that costs 45,000 EUROs for a kg in 2009. Yes, $47,000 dollars for 2.20462 pounds! This exquisite kind of honey is called the Elvish honey or “Peri Bali” in Turkish. The rarity of this kind and the difficulty to harvest the honey adds up to the extravagance. Moreover, it itself is one of a kind that cannot be reproduced.

Elvish Honey, Turkey

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What Elvish Honey is all about?

Elvish honey is Turkish honey extracted from the mountain Saricayir Dagi, Northern Turkey. They are rich with a very high content of minerals, probably due to that surrounding cave.

The story behind the Elvish Honey.

In 2009, a Turkish Beekeeper Günay Gündüz observed that lots of honey bees going in and out of a cave. Then he followed them inside and discovered lots of combs hanging from the high walls.
Further he took help from professional climbers to climb 500 meters of rope, and finally, he harvested 18 kilograms of wild honey.
To know the real value and composition of the content Günay Gündüz sent the sample to the well-known CETAM Laboratory in France.
Then the independent French honey control laboratory analyzed it and found that it was 7-year-old honey with a very high content of minerals.

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How costly is it?

CETAM Laboratory in France evaluated it for 45000 euros and also bought the first 1 kilo for the evaluated price. Again in 2010, he sold it to a Chinese drug company for 28000 euros per kilogram.
Further, in 2014 Gunduz sold it for 5,000 euros. However, in 2016 Gunduz sells it in small jars of 170 g and 250 g, for the same price.

Therefore, the price subsided extensively because as the days passed by the quality of the honey decreased.

The other popular varieties of expensive honey include manuka, sidr, gelam, tualang, neem honey.

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