The grandest festival of Bengali Durga Puja begins and today its Panchami. This auspicious festival falls on the Navratri where the East celebrates as Durga Puja. You must be on your toes to experience the best of its celebrations, decorations to amazing food.

Here we have a list of 10 things to do in Durga Puja.

1. Treat your taste buds with mouth-watering delicacies

Durga puja is incomplete without food. If you want to experience the essence of this festival, mouth-watering delicacies are essentially the answer to your quest. There are a variety of food stalls and food courts around it that offers Luchi aloo, mughlai paratha, mangsho cutlet (mutton cutlet) and many more. And, if you are on a diet, forget about it because it is irresistible not to try this food.

Durga Puja

2. Do not worry about being ‘overdressed.’

During Durga puja, people dress up in vibrant sarees, salwar or Kurtis. For Durga Puja, there is nothing too much.


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3. Durga Puja is the best time for shopaholics

If you are a shopaholic, yes Durga Puja is an ideal season for you with insane offers. This is the time when your loved ones shower their love with extra cash to buy new clothes. Go and rush to your nearest stores to grab the best outfits at the best prices.


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4. Dance floors all set for you to expose your talent

Dance and Music is an integral part of Bengali culture. Especially, during Durga Puja, the iconic  ‘Dhunuchi’ dance will literally take your breath away. This dance is performed to appease Maa Durga. The puja committees arrange various cultural events for an extraordinary set of skills and talents.


5. Pandal hopping is on everyone’s to-do list.

On this auspicious festival, the beautiful pandals are all decked up with wonderful decoration. The pandals are profound with Vedic hymns, beats of dhak. So, get up and freshen up and make a list for pandal hopping.


6. Mishti overdose takes over.

The sugar rush is extensive on Durga puja as you can gulp in Rosogulla, Sandesh, mishti doi… 


7. Lights guide you… to the pandals.

Durga Puja showcases the best creativity as beautiful light works will guide you to the pandal. There are different themes for each pandal.

8. You get to spend a lot of time chilling with your folks.

Durga Puja is all about socialising and spending good times with family and friends. All gather in the pandal for a reunion. So, everyone waits eagerly for this festival to meet the loved ones.


9. You can stay out way past your bedtime.

Usually, staying out late is a big no-no for youngsters. However, during this grand festival, there is no restriction as people enjoy outdoors with family and friends. 

10. #Pujo takes over your social media feeds.

Everywhere you scroll, every news feed you visit, it’s people checking-in to pandals, having the time of their lives. 

Durga Puja

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