We all know when the new year comes then it brings a lot of happiness, joy in a person’s life. It is celebrated by everybody. We all start to make our plan before the new year comes. In the new year, we plan to visit a destination where we can celebrate the new year eve with our loved ones. On new year vacation, we search many holiday destinations or top holiday destinations where new year eve can be celebrated the eve nicely without any chaos.

We should know that there are some cities in India where new year celebration is celebrated with such enthusiasm that if a person has experienced it once in his or her life then that person will never be able to forget it till his or her last very last breathe. These Indian cities are the best attraction for new year celebration.

The best places to travel or the best new year vacation destinations are as follows:


Goa is considered India’s Las Vegas. Not only a new year but all celebrations rocks there. The attractions of Goa are decorated with lights and colours. When one visits then he or she will enjoy so much that all his or her stress or depression will go away. The new year is celebrated with night-long parties playing music along with cheap beer and famous cuisines of Goa. Orchestra and live music are also arranged during the new year. So this new year if one truly wants to enjoy new year eve then he or she should go to Goa get wild and forgetting everything must start dancing to the tunes of jazzy songs and enjoy night long.

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After Goa, the best destination to celebrate the new year is in Mumbai. When the new year comes then residents of the city forget all their sickness, problems and tensions and gather with friends or families to enjoy the occasion. The entire Mumbai is lightened with colours and crackers are brusted everywhere. Hotels and lodges are decorated very beautifully that will give one a glimpse of the season.

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Even the blood-freezing cold cannot stop the people to come out of their house and gather with their friends and families to enjoy the evening. Starting from drinks to dance everything is available. The rocking kinds of music are played by the best DJs of the country. If a person has once enjoyed new year eve in Delhi then he or she will wish to come back again next year.

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Pondicherry is one of the best destinations to enjoy the 31st night. Not only Indians but people across the world also visit Pondicherry during new year eve to make the new year celebration memorable for the whole life. The night-long beachside party attract people many every year at the new year night. The youngsters, as well as other local citizens of the city, start preparing the arrangements week before the new year night.

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Visit Manali and celebrate the new year differently. Welcoming the new year standing on the road filled with snow is an unforgettable experience. Also, enjoy the tour of the snow city.

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