Buddha charm, which is considered the most popular spiritual ornaments, carries quite significant meaning. People set Buddha charms in their home, car, purse, carried as keyrings and also worn as jewellery to invite auspicious and positive energies into your life.

There are so many specific ways through which you can take advantage of Buddha charm to enhance various Feng Shui luck factors. So, today, we will see the meaning behind these Buddha charms.

Significant meaning behind Buddha charms

Buddha Statue

We use Buddha statues as decor accessories that add a calm element to interiors. People, while designing their homes, also use them to bring positive energy into a room.

Portable Buddha Charms

Ensure the healing power of these charms by keeping the key ring, Buddhist pendant or Buddha bracelet charm and other Buddhist symbol jewellery. It is believed that keeping the charms with you will protect you against inauspicious energies, such as car accidents and illnesses. Besides, these Buddha charms also attract auspicious luck, such as successful career, extra income, and overall successful life.

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Buddha Charm Key Ring

To boost and enhance various feng shui luck sectors, You may carry or attach keyring with your bag. Buddha key rings which symbolise the spiritual representation of the enlightened one’s wisdom and knowledge indeed bring good luck, prosperity and wealth.

Buddhist Pendant

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Though people nowadays wear it as a fashion statement, Buddhist pendants are a symbol of good luck, peace, and longevity. These Pendants include Tibetan horn pendant, Vajra ghanta, Om pendant, Lotus flower, Pixui, Mantra prayer wheel pendant, and others.

Buddha’s Head

Buddha Charm
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Statues or charms featuring only Buddha’s head reveal his post-enlightenment. This depiction shows wisdom and knowledge. Although the disembodied head may seem like a strange way to pay homage to the enlightened one, symbolically, this shows the disconnection between the mind and body.

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Magic Laughing Buddha

Buddha Charm
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Laughing Buddha, also known by Buddhists as Matreiya, is known for bringing wealth and prosperity in life. In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha is one of the supreme symbols of joy and wellbeing. When you carry or place this jolly character within any home, it will undoubtedly summons fortune and brings luck to all family members. Moreover, it also removes any negative chi and reduces tension.

Buddha Wall Art

Buddha Charm
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Buddha wall art plays a significant role in Feng Shui. It boosts positive chi and prevents the build-up of negative energy. Also, Buddha painting can serve as an excellent reminder of the Buddha’s teachings, which helps individuals to reach for the serenity that Buddhists seek.

Decorate your walls with Buddha paintings and beds with Buddha beddings sets, Buddha pillowcases to make your living space more spiritual and welcoming.

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