The biggest gift that God has gifted us is our health. Our ancestors have always advised us “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. It is because a healthy and fit body let us accomplish all our tasks and activities diligently. A disciplined lifestyle that we lead contributes to the well being of our life. To stay fit and active there are some good habits we must cultivate and also avoid certain bad habits. 

Hence, avoiding these habits will help them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and drinking are the prime bad habits you must stop as soon as possible.

Let’s know about the bad habits to avoid for a better life.

1.Avoiding walk

Walking is very necessary for our health. A person must walk at least two hours per day, but many of us hate walking. We often opt for a bike or car to go certain walkable distances. We must quit this bad habit and walk daily.

Daily if we walk at least 2 hours per day(1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening) can also prevent multiple diseases. Or else must be ready to face the terrible diseases that we will suffer because of avoiding walking.

2.Adding extra Salt

The habit of extra salt on their food is also bad habit. Salt is required to maintain the proper amount of sodium on our body, but adding an extra amount of salt is one of the worst habits a person has. When we add an extra amount of salt on our food then we are shortening our lifespan as it leads to a number of diseases such as kidney problems, heart problems, stomach cancer, weak muscles etc.

3.Too much of sugar

Sugar is also essential, but it should not be too much because it adversely affects our health. Just like salt eating sugar too much leads to many diseases such as weight gain, diabetes etc. So eating too much sugar is also one of the bad habits that a person should avoid at any cost.

4.Little amount of sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in our health. But nowadays people are so busy in their daily life that they can’t have a proper amount of sleep. A person must sleep at least eight hours a day. So no matter how busy we are but we should manage to sleep at least eight hours a day. Lack of sleep causes multiple diseases such as drowsiness, stress, loss of memory, lack of energy etc.

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5.Over eating 

Many people in this world are a foodie and they are fond of eating too much. A proper balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. Hence, we must stay away from over eating because overeating is one of the biggest threat to our healthy body. When we are overeating that means that we are harming our body in multiple ways. So over eating is also one of the bad habits that a person must quit anyhow.

6.Sitting for hours

No matter we are in an office or at home, we should not sit in the same place for long hours. If we are at home then we must keep our selves engaged in all sort of physical activities and if we are at the office then after 1 or 2 hours we should get up from our chair take ten minutes to walk and then again come back to our seat. Sitting too much at the same place leads to many serious health issues such as kidney problems, cancer, overweight, heart problems, arthritis etc.

7.Taking a shower after taking meal

This is also one of the worst habits of a person and since childhood, we should avoid this habit. It is because taking shower immidiately after eating destroys our digestive system and the food that we eat doesn’t digest properly. Not only that it also increases our blood pressure.

8. Avoiding exercise

Exercise is one of the most essential things for our health. Every person since childhood should wake up early and perform some exercises to keep his or her body healthy. But many people will wake up late and have the habit to avoid exercise which is not at all good for our health. So for the sake of our health, we must practice exercise daily. This will also help in preventing multiple diseases. 

9. Drink moderate amount of water

When there is a scarcity of water content in our body due to not drinking adequate water then it is called dehydration. On the contrary, when we drink too much water more then the body requires then it can lead to overhydration. No organism in this earth can survive without drinking water. Dehydration as well as overhydration both are bad for our health.  Overhydration leads to, many diseases and the very first health problem overhydration causes is sodium fall as it swells up the sodium cells.

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10. Glued to the TV for a long time

In today’s world 99% of people are so much addicted to TV or computer so much that 90% of the time they spend watching TV. Not only health but this habit is also harmful to our brain. When we sit hours and hours in front of TV then it harms our eyes as well as our brain.

We suffer many eye related problems, we cannot sleep properly even can’t remember things. Even it diverts our concentration from our studies or from our work, and we wish to spend more time on TV.

11.Wash off your makeup before sleeping

Before sleeping it is very necessary that we must wash off the makeup. Most of the ladies apply makeup to look more dishy or beautiful. But sleeping with makeup on can cause eye irritation along with free radical. Not only that it can cause many other skins related problems/infections. So, before you go to bed wash it off and sleep with natural face.

12.Avoiding fresh air

Fresh air is necessary for our health. After getting up from our bed if we inhale some fresh amount of air. Therefore, this will cheer our mind make us feel happy. Moreover, we will be able to do our work with full energy and enthusiasm. So, open up all the windows in the morning to let the fresh air come in and breathe in.

13.Walking in hills

Walking in hills is a common fashion now. No girls will avoid walking on hills, but it is also true that too much of walking on hills causes heel pain and the person cannot feel easy to walk later on even without hills. Not only that the person will not be able to stand properly even on bare legs.

14.Going out in the heat without covering the face

No person in this world loves summer. The heat irritates us very much. When we walk out of our home at that time then we should go out covering our face with a scruff because the heat and the dust can harm our skin a lot. It will not only destroy the beauty of our skin but can also cause many skin related problems. Not only that the UVrays of the sun can also cause skin cancer. So during summer when we should develop the habit of going out covering our face to protect our skin.

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