Halloween is near. While you are planning to go out for a Halloween party start preparing for a baby carrier to incorporate in your costume. You do not have to buy, you can create your own stuff. And it will be a DIY project. Watch out these creative baby carriers which will give you costume ideas also.

Watch out for these Halloween Costume Ideas

Mr. President


A Baby Donald Trump! That’s impressive indeed we must say. Momma and baby trump ready for the party.

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Dressed As A Work Loader From Aliens

My Friend And His Daughter Dressed As A Work Loader From Aliens

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Scariest one

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Though the baby looks innocent, this one is indeed creepiest.

Spider web

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This idea is indeed adorable. You can also try this for this season’s Halloween celebration.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Rapunzel Costume


Another cute idea- “Baby Rapunzel Costume” for Halloween.

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Oh! the moustache

Super Mario Baby Carrier Costume

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Baby’s First Halloween


Another great idea for Halloween is to convert your baby carrier into a big popcorn packet.


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Look at that happy, confident baby’s smile! You can also opt for this costume for Halloween.

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E.T Costume

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This E.T dress for Halloween is unquestionably an ultra-cute one for Halloween.

Harry Potter

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The daddy and baby duo in a Harry Potter and Dobby costume is also a very unique idea for the celebration.

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The Baker And Her Cupcake

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Look at that cute cupcake.

Halloween costume

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Another great idea for Halloween is Leprechaun and his pot of gold. We can clearly see that Daddy Leprechaun is indeed very proud of his precious pot of gold.

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Another adorable costume is scooby doo and Velma.

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