The biggest day for every country is its Independence day. America is the most powerful nation in the world militarily and economically. 4th July is the most important day in the history of America as it was 4th July 1776 Americans achieved their independence from the Britishers. The day is also considered to be the birthday of America. After independence, America has progressed a lot and that’s why it is the most powerful nation in the world today. The first president of independent America was sir Geroge Washington and the present president of the country is Donald Trump. The biggest day for every country is its Independence day and thus 4th July is the biggest and a very special day for every American and they celebrate the day very diligently with full patriotism.

So, today on the 4th July let’s wish America a very Happy Independence day and get to know how Americans celebrate their Independence day.


Many American families prepare cakes decorating it on the color of their flag. Then they cut the cake and share it with their friends, relatives, and families.

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Bursting crackers

Bursting crackers is one of the best activities that Americans perform on their independence day. On 4th July Americans with their friends or with their families walk out of their house and burst crackers. That displays the three prominent colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue.

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On this day many towns and cities of the country witness the hosting of the parade featuring fire trucks, marching bands, and community organizations.

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Family get-together

Citizens of America also enjoy the day by a family reunion. On this day families reunite with one another and plan to hang out for a picnic at any lake, park or beach or for an adventurous tour at any water park. Thus celebrating the independence day by spending the day with family.

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On this day people also wear dresses designed by the combination of the three colors of the American flag.

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It is a tradition of the country that on this day famous American cuisines are prepared and distributed among the citizens. Also, an hot-dog competition is held on the day.

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National Flag

Last but not least it is also can’t be denied that children even the youth carry the national flag on their hands. Also, decorate the flag on their houses and buys dishes signifying the American flag.

source : BBC America